About us

 Zhengzhou kanglida Electronic power CO.,LTD,we have been focused on free maintenance sealed lead acid agm battery and gel products for nearly 20 years in China,achieving certificate of CE and UL,test report from China official department of battery products,warehouse in Zhengzhou and Shenzhen,less than 1 hour way to Shenzhen port,2v/4v/6v/12v battery,0.8ah-3000ah.

The trademark of our products has been,also recommended to the national security enterprises.
Our products include:
sealed lead acid battery ;lead acid battery;agm battery;gel battery;vrla battery;deep cycle lead acid battery;solar battery;ups battery;sla battery;backup battery;deep cycle battery;rechargeable battery; 2v battery; 4v battery; 6v battery, 12v battery.
After more than 16 years of development, Kanglida battery information has been recorded in <China solar system Year> <intelligent solar lead acid battery Year > , <China Security Protection year>and <China Public Security>  and recommended to the national security enterprises. 

For lead acid battery,agm battery,gel battery,welcome to contact Kanglida battery!
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