Join Kanglida battery

First,Joining the business department manager job responsibilities:
1, according to the company's strategic objectives and industry development trends, creating the overall market channel strategy and supervision;
2,research, analysis of market conditions, track industry trends, competitors and the government related laws and regulations; pay more attention to the strategic implementation results and the internal and external environment changes, timely put forward suggestions of strategic adjustment, provide data support and special research report for major decisions.
3, according to the company's development strategy, combined with the actual situation of the industry and the company, the implementation of the development strategy and plan to implement the operations center, and constantly improve the level of operation and management of the department;
4, establish a standardized and efficient operation management system, planning to promote the company's business strategy and organization to achieve the stage of development goals;
5. To coordinate the company marketing department, organization department in the company serves customers in the market activities, brand promotion, public relations activities, planning, organization and implementation; to participate in the negotiations for strategic cooperation projects, maintenance and strategic partner relationship;
6. establish and improve the rules and regulations, promote the standardization and scientific management of the operating system, and constantly improve the construction and development of excellent operation team;
7. according to company policy and business needs, a reasonable set of departmental organizational structure and positions, optimize business processes; and has development and cultivating the ability of employees, employee performance management, improve work efficiency, improve employee satisfaction;
8. To coordinate the relationship between the channel cooperation department and other relevant departments;
9. To handle the emergency in the operation of project development and maintenance.
1, not limited to men and women, with a very strong execution;
2, 2-3 years working experience in channel management;
3, with a wealth of market operations, planning, marketing, channel construction, personnel organization of practical experience
4, strong business decision-making ability, overall planning and operation ability, analysis and research to solve the problem;
5, with strong team organization and management skills, be able to skillfully use a variety of incentive strategies to guide the team.
Working hours: working eight hours every day , a single break, holidays rest 

Second, Duty of foreign trade salesman
1.Implement the trading business and trade regulations, develop global markets
2.Responsible for contacting customers, preparing quotations, participating in commercial negotiations, and signing contracts
3.Responsible for production tracking,packing and  shipment
4.Responsible for document checking, customs clearance, settlement, after-sale service etc.
5.Responsible for Development and maintenance of customers
6.Collect and Organize business-related information
7.Reporting work about related business
1.Tertiary and higher education, Major in international trade, Business English etc.
2.You are preferred if with more than 2 years of operational experience in the field of trade business,or with  work experience in foreign company

3、3.Familiar with the business operation processes and related laws and regulations, equipped with professional acknowledge of trade business
4.You are preferred if Good at oral English, written English, computer operation, with customs declarer certificate or related business license certificate

5.Good at business development, negotiation, with strong sense of public relations, strong career-ambition, team spirit and ability to act independently, with courage to develop new market and innovate.
Working Hours: daily 8-hour, one day-off.
Address: shenzhen branch: opposite the timber company, Qingshuihe six road, Luohu district, Shenzhen
Zhengzhou address: 4 Floor,B building,East of Lianyun road, North of Hanshan dong road, Erqi district, Zhengzhou, China.
Third,Duty of overseas market manager
1.Trade organizations and formulate work plan and related budget, overall charge of the daily management of the Ministry of Trade
2.Develop and export business planning processes to collect, analyze industry data critical information, and actively explore the domestic and foreign markets
3.Responsible for the bulk of the signing of trade contracts and supervise contract execution, process business-related matters
4.Important customer liaison contact, relationship maintenance
5.Ministry of Trade is responsible for the assessment of staff, assessment, training, incentives, etc.

1.Bachelor degree or above,major in international trade or related
2.You are preferred if More than 3 years’  experience about the import and export business management, or with work experience in foreign company or related work experience
3.Familiar With import and export business processes, familiar with foreign trade import and export laws and regulations, with business management expertise and relevant skills
4.With excellent English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, familiar with office software
5.Possess excellent organizational management skills, good communication and negotiation skills, a good sense of innovation, teamwork and sense of service, strong sense of responsibility.

Working Hours: daily 8-hour, one day-off.