How to repair the battery?

 The storage battery is in daily life, it has a wide range of applications. The charging method is also very simple. However, there will be some friends who encounter some faults in the battery, which makes it impossible to charge; then today, the editor of Kanglida will introduce to you several ways to repair the battery?


  The principle of the battery is to convert chemical energy into electrical energy. Generally, after the battery is discharged, some active materials inside the battery can be regenerated. Under the activation of the charging current, a better power storage effect can be achieved, and it can also provide assistance during the next use.


  First of all, you can use the battery series method when repairing the battery. Activate so that the power can be restored.

How to repair the battery?

  Secondly, the output combination method can also be used. This method is mainly used for over-discharged batteries. Generally, such batteries cannot be recharged by simple water replenishment.


   Again, the activation charging method can be used. The battery can be activated and charged during use. This is very helpful for extending battery life.


   Finally, friends can also try the heating method. Can effectively prevent the battery from drying for a long time, and can quickly accelerate the electrolysis. The penetration of liquid into the inside and outside of the battery can have a good effect on the repair of the battery.


       The above are some commonly used methods in the editor's summary. For more, please pay attention to Kanglida's official website. The company is a professional battery manufacturer. If you need it, please contact us!